Scarborough In The Round: Credits

Website Credits

The website would like to thank the following for their support and assistance in bringing this website to fruition.

Sir Alan & Lady Ayckbourn
Dr Paul Elsam
Haydonning Ltd
Scarborough Museums Trust
Stephen Joseph Theatre

Personal Credits

This website is dedicated to the many friends who helped and supported me through a difficult period in my life during which this website was also first launched.

John Cotgrave & Richard McCartney, Georgina Cotterill, Paul Elsam, Denise Gilfoyle, Lizzie Glazier, Kate & Sarah Gledhill, Jaye Lewis, Gill Lockwood, Katherine Dunn-Mines, Ed & Greg Martin, Ian & Jean Murgatroyd, Robert Shearman, Heather Stoney, Jeannie Swales, Rachel Tattersdill, Lee & Dawn Erica Dyson-Threadgold, Mo Thwaites, Suzanne Warren, the staff of the Stephen Joseph Theatre and all the rest! Thank you.

The website would not have been possible without the help and support of Sir Alan and Lady Ayckbourn.

Scarborough And The Round is dedicated to the memory of Stephen Joseph and the unique theatrical legacy he left Scarborough.

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