New Writing: Play Readings

In 2016, the Stephen Joseph Theatre began a new initiative as part of its remit to encourage and commission new writing. Play readings were introduced which featured professional actors giving a rehearsed reading of new work for potential future productions at the Stephen Joseph Theatre.
Slow On-Set Emergency (Kate Brower); Throne (Matt Hartley); The Beach House (Jo Harper); Husk (Jon Barton)

Caterpillar (Alison Carr); Build A Rocket (Christopher York); The Space Between (Jackie Daly); False Flag (Rex Obano); Revival (Anthony Free)

Prince of Hearts (Ros Adler); A Plate Of Elvers (Clare Bayley); Imaginationship (Sue Healey); Five Years (Sonali Bhattacharyya); Icarus Drowning (Sandy Foster)

Strawman (Rex Obano); Banana Split (Naomi Sumner-Chan); You Ain't Cuz You Not (Ben Snyder); Portrait (Georgina Burns)
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