New Writing: Playwrights

The Library Theatre was founded in Scarborough by Stephen Joseph in 1955 with a principle aim of promoting new writing. An ethos which continues to this day at the Stephen Joseph Theatre.
The page contains the names of all the playwrights who have had work professionally premiered since 1955 at either The Library Theatre,
Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round or the Stephen Joseph Theatre.
Gill Adams: Something Blue (2002)
Stockwell Allen: The Bed Life Of A Mad Boy (1961)
Cass Allen: Closing Number (1991)
Alan Ayckbourn: Full details of Alan Ayckbourn's plays can be found here on the accompanying page: New Writing: Alan Ayckbourn.
Leonard Barras: A Little Stiff Built Chap (1969); The Shy Gasman (1970)
Ben Benison: Jack Lear (2008)
Torben Betts: A Listening Heaven (1999); Clockwatching (2001); Her Slightest Touch (2004); The Swing Of Things (2007); The National Joke (2016)
Peter Blythe: Tom, Dick And Harry (1972); Having A Lovely Time (1973)
David Bramley: A Boat In The Backyard (1968)
Vanessa Brooks: Penny Blue (1994); Let's Pretend (1995); Love Me Slender (1996)
Kate Brower: Double Feature (2014)
Ben Brown: All Things Considered (1996): Larkin With Women (1999)
Lesley Bruce: Bedtime Stories (2003); My Very Own Show (2006)
Jane Buckler: The Jonah Boy (2005 - with Richard Taylor)
Diane Bull: Scraps (1976 - with Malcolm Hebden)
Chris Bush: Jane Eyre (2022)
Derek Buttress: A Little Arrangement (1978)
David Campton: Dragons Are Dangerous (1955); Idol In The Sky (1956); Ring Of Roses (1958); Frankenstein (1959); Out Of The Flying Pan (1960); Soldier From The Wars Returning (1960); Mutatis Mutandis (1960); The Boys And The Girls (1961); Usher (1962); Comeback (1963); Dead And Alive (1964); Cock & Bull Story (1965); Carmilla (1972)
Steve Carley: The Edge (1997); Contacting Laura (1998)
Michael Cashman: Before Your Very Eyes (1983); Bricks 'n' Mortar (1984)
Stephen Clark: Making Waves (2003)
Peter Clough: Brontës (1975 - with Bob Eaton)
Michael Cook: Windy (1994)
Trevor Cooper: Out Front (1981)
Paul Copley: Trailer (1980); Tapster (1981); Calling (1986)
David Cregan: Whisper Along The Patio (2001)
Janet Dale: The Christmas That nearly Wasn't (1974); The Adventures Of Bongo Bungle (1975); The Village That Woke Up Asleep (1975); Charlie's Christmas Countdown (1975); The Mystery Of The Lost City (1976); Bert Podger And The Great Game Robbery (1977)
Mary Stewart David: Baby On Board (1998)
Toby Davis: Spittin' Distance (2005)
Richard Derrington: Moby Dick (2005)
Ruth Dixon: 'Prentice Pillar (1955); Honey In The Stone (1957)
Frank Dunai: The Parasol (1988)
Chris Dunkley: How To Tell The Truth (2003)
Bob Eaton: Brontës (1975 - with Peter Clough); What The Devil! (1975 - with Polly Warren); The Adventures Of Dirty Dick (1976); Robin Hood And The Magic Forest (1976); Westwood Coronation Day Street Party (1977)
Julia Edwards: Around Robin (2004)
Oliver Emanuel: The Monstrous Heart (2019)
Fiona Evans: The Price Of Everything (2010); Geordie Sinatra (2012)
Lisa Evans: Villette (2005)
Tim Firth: A Man Of Letters (1991); Neville's Island (1992); A Bigger Slice Of The Pie (1992); The End Of The Food Chain (1993); Love Songs For Shopkeepers (1998); The Safari Party (2002); Absolutely Frank (2006)
Anthony Fletcher: The Prodigal Son (2006)
Stuart Fortey: Memories Are Made Of This (1998); The Kaiser And I (2002)
Michael Fosbrook: Figuring Things (1998)
Christopher Fry / Kerry Gardner: The Brontës Of Haworth (1985)
Kerry Gardner / Christopher Fry: The Brontës Of Haworth (1985)
Richard Gill: The Station People (1962)
Eleanor D Glaser: Circle Of Love (1955); Call The Selkie Home (1956)
Morris Gleitzman: Two Weeks With The Queen (1994)
John Godber: Perfect Pitch (1998); Fly Me To The Moon (2004); Lost & Found (2012); Muddy Cows (2013)
Christopher Godwin: The Guv'nor (1976)
Derrick Goodwin: Abiding Passions (1990)
Maurice Gran: Playing God (2005 - with Laurence Marks)
R G Gregory: Death At The New Year (1962)
Tessa Harrison: Kidstuff (1979)
Peter Hawkins: The Dynamic Death-Defying Leap Of Timothy Satupon The Great (1969)
Blake Heathcote: Three Men In A Boat (1990); Augustus Carp, Esq. (1991)
Malcolm Hebden: Scraps (1976 - with Diane Bull)
Ray Herman: One For The Road (1971)
Alistair Hewitt: Spending Frank (2005)
Christopher William Hill: Icons (2004); Inglorious Technicolour (2006)
Kerry Hood: Caution! Trousers (2005)
Norman Horner: Stranger In The Family (1961)
Vicky Ireland: The Ugly Duckling (2004); Just So Stories (2016)
Denys Ives: March Of Time (1965)
J W James: A Sense Of Loss (1958)
Paul James: The Boy Who Fell Into A Book - musical (2014)
Liz John: Secondhand Dreams (2001)
Alex Jones: River's Up (2002); Fields Of Gold (2004)
Helen Kelly: Designs On His Body (1999); Tissue Paper For The Soul (2003)
Dawn King: Face Value (2007)
Peter King: All Together Now (1973); Away From It All (1974); The Ballroom (1988)
Nick Lane: A Scarborough Christmas Carol (2017); Alice In Wonderland (2018); Treasure Island (2019); The Snow Queen (2020); Jack & The Beanstalk (2021); Cinderella (2022)
Stephen Lavell: Absolutely Free (1980)
Stephen Lowe: Stars (1976); Shooting, Fishing And Riding (1977)
Paul Lucas: The Star Throwers (2002)
Joan Macalpine: David Copperfield (1961); A Thief In Time (1962)
Stephen Mallatratt: An Englishman's Home (1975); The Chimes (1975); Mother Country (1976); Saint Trixie (1979); Touch Wood And Whistle (1986); Pay Day Night (1986); The Woman In Black (1987); The Haunt Of Mr Fossett (1988); The Turn Of The Screw (1988)
Laurence Marks: Playing God (2005 - with Maurice Gran)
Ged McKenna: The Farmer's Bride (1997)
David Millard: The Wizard Of Oz (1978)
Neil Monaghan: Bolt From The Blue (1998); Dot.Com (1999); Beautiful People (2002); Ever After (2004)
Chris Monks: A Christmas Carol (2009); The Snow Queen (2010); Soul Man (2012); The Last Train To Scarborough (2014); Cox & Box - Mrs Bouncer's Legacy (2014)
William Norfolk: We've Minds Of Our Own (1961); Nine Floors, Not Counting The Mezzanine (1962); The Birds And The Well-Wishers (1962)
Meredith Oakes: Man For Hire (2002)
Janice Okoh: The Offing (2021)
Grant Olding: Spittin' Distance (2005 - with Toby Davies)
R R Oliver: Imaginary Lines (1985)
Jimmy Osborne: An Empty Seat (2014)
Roger Osbourne: The Art Of Persuasion (2011); Laughton (2013)
John Pattison: The Donkeys Are Eating Their Lunch (1989); Pull For The Shore (1989); Sand In The Sandwiches (1989)
Julian Perkins: Appropriate Channels (1994)
Nick Perry: Near Cricket St Thomas, 1919 (1997)
Sarah Phelps: Amaretti Angels (2001)
Alan Plater: See The Pretty Lights (1965); Hop, Step And Jump (1967)
Andrew Pollard: The Hunt For The Scroobious Pip (2010); The Nutcracker Prince (2011); Cinderella (2012); Beauty & The Beast - A Space Adventure (2013); Aladdin (2014)
Eric Prince: Love Is In The Air (1994); Red Roses (2002)
Catherine Prynne: The Ornamental Hermit (1957)
James Quinn: Twenty: 20 (2010)
Laurie Sansom: Thumbelina (2003); A Beginner's Guide To Cybershopping (2005)
James Saunders: Alas, Poor Fred (1959)
Peter Robert Scott: One Over The Eight (1992); Parting Shots (2003)
Robert Shearman: White Lies (1994); Fool To Yourself (1997); About Colin (1998); Knights In Plastic Armour (1999); Inappropriate Behaviour (2001)
Dave Sheasby: Apple Blossom Afternoon (1992)
Mayo Simon: Split (2001)
Alison Skilbeck: Housey, Housey (1977)
Jennifer Smith: Tranio's Box (1972)
Danny Start: The Anniversary Waltz (2003)
Mike Stott: The Play Of Mata Hari (1965)
Ali Taylor: Goth Weekend (2017)
Richard Taylor: The Jonah Boy (2005 - with Jane Buckler)
Charles Thomas: Prince On A White Bike (1992)
Brian Thompson: Patriotic Bunting (1978); Tishoo (1979); The Conservatory (1981)
Lee Threadgold: Around The World With Billy Brite (2003); Barnacle Ben And The Pirate's Map (2004); The Genie And The Meanie (2005); The Firebird (2005); The Sleeping Beauty (2006)
Peter Tinniswood: You Should See Us Now (1981); At The End Of The Day (1983); The Village Fete (1991)
Paul Todd: On Me Todd (1978)
David Tomlinson: Equal Partners (2003)
Claudine Toutoungi: Bit Part (2014); Slipping (2014)
Hilda Valentine: Halfway To Heaven (1959)
James Volmar: Clearing The Colours (2005)
Nick Warburton: For Starters (2004); Purvis (2006); Touch Wood (2007); Cover Her Feet (2008); Fly In The Ointment (2008)
Polly Warren: What The Devil! (1975 - with Bob Eaton)
Mervyn Watson: Reversed Charges (1978)
Alison Watt: Storm In A Tea Chest (2006)
Christine Welch: Once Upon A Time (1978); Once More Upon A Time (1979)
Ken Whitmore: Travelling Hopefully (1978)
Clifford Williams: The Disguises of Arlecchino (1956)
Colin Wilson: Viennese Interlude (1959)
Jurneman (Joan) Winch: Turn Right At The Crossroads (1955); Wuthering Heights (1956)
Sarah Woods: Soap (2004)
Isabel Wright: The Illicit Dark (2014)
Chris York: Build A Rocket (2018)
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