Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre: 1960

This page contains a more detailed guide to significant events concerning Scarborough's Theatre in the Round at the Library (abbreviated to the Library Theatre on this page) in 1960.


  • 15 June: The summer season opens with a revival of Ruth Dixon's 'Prentice Pillar, which received its world premiere during the Library Theatre's inaugural season.
  • 11 July: The British Dance Drama Theatre begins daily performances at the Library Theatre called Mimic Dance Theatre at 6.15pm until 6 August. Stephen Joseph, impressed with the company - run by Gerard Bagley - arranges for them to be involved in the Library Theatre's Christmas production. Alan Ayckbourn, who will write this play - Dad's Tale, is not informed of this until about to start writing the play!
  • 14 September: The first British In-The-Round Festival is held at the Library Theatre; this festival for amateur companies is adjudicated by Stephen Joseph and attracts companies from around the UK.
  • The Library Theatre receives £6,000 (£2,000 a year for three years) from the Carlouste Gulbenkian Foundation to expand its touring programme to theatreless towns in the UK.
  • November: An inquiry into building a civic theatre in Scarborough is launched; the stated aim is for a venue primarily in-the-round but also adaptable to end-stage performance. A report presented to the town council on 15 November suggests there would be financial support available for such a development.
  • 12 December: The winter season opens with Peter Shaffer's Five Finger Exercise.
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