Scarborough Theatre Trust Board

This page lists details of the people who have been on the board of Scarborough Theatre Trust and have been acknowledged in production programmes.
Scarborough Theatre Trust was incorporated in 1964, although details of board members were not included in programmes between 1975 and 1987 and, as a result, there are omissions from the list.

Note: Local and county councillors who have attended the board are not included except where that person has been an actual member of the board rather than a representative or observer of the council.
Current Board Members
Helen Boaden (chair)
Kate Fenton (deputy chair)
John Armistead
Amelia Donkor
Christine Fitzpatrick
Clive Groom
Martyn Hyde
Jon Lee
Richard Lumby
Alex Smith
David Warner
John Wilkinson
Mike Wilkinson
Tony Wilson
Sophie Wright

Helen Swiers (County Council)
Liz Colling (Scarborough Council)
Ian Wyatt (secretary)
Former Board Members
Tim Kirkup
Alice Kynman
Tom Laughton
Julie Leivers
Peter Longman
Charles McCarthy
Keith McFarlane
Donald McLauchlan
Shaun Matthew
Jennifer May
Tony Meech
Grahame Morris
Geoff Mountfield
Peggy Patterson
Veronica Pemberton-Billing
Archie Pheby-McGarvey
Freda Plows
Maurice Plows
Heather Stoney
Ian Stubbs
Helen Swiers
Nick Taylor
Sue Truefitt
Dr. N. Walsh
Bob Watson
Tom Watton
Pat Weller
Sue Whelan
Sean Williams
David Wormald
Paul Worsley
Former Board Members
George W. Alderson
Paul Allen
Alan Ayckbourn
Hugh Bellamy
Neil Beresford
Helen Boaden
John Boden
Ken Boden
Margaret Boden
Andrew Boyes
Alfred Bradley
Laila Bradley
Kevin Brame
Peter Bridge
David Campton
David A. Chance
Amanda Dalton
The Viscount Downe
The Viscountess Downe
Bernadette Doyle
Mark Evans
John Fawcett
Norman Fuller
Connie Garlick
Richard Grunwell
Ted Harben
Michael Haynes
Geoffrey Heselton
Peter Hopkins
Janette Hurd
Martin Hyde
George H Jackson
Andrew Jenkinson
Stephen Joseph
Note: Sadly, no details are held in archive of board members of Studio Theatre Ltd, the company which originally ran the Library Theatre from when it first opened in Scarborough in 1955 to 1962.
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