Researching The People Behind Theatre In The Round In Scarborough

It is fair to say no-one has attempted to make a list of staff who worked at the various homes of the Stephen Joseph Theatre between 1955 and 2009. It is a massive task, not helped by the limitations of the material held at the Stephen Joseph Theatre. There is no single list of people who have worked at the theatre over the years in each department and most of the information for the website has had to be drawn from the programmes for the productions.

This does mean there are omissions. For whilst the programmes have been extremely comprehensive in the staff listings since 1996, prior to that the programmes were not as comprehensive or even helpful! Production staff - particularly designers - were frequently left out of programmes before the 1970s. As a result, there are gaps in the various lists, but omissions can rectified (see foot of the page).

The website is limited to what information was presented in the theatre programmes and which programmes have survived - for anything before 1996, there is no other source of information which has survived which offers an insight into the staff at the theatre.


If you notice an omission, we're more than happy to put it right. All you need do is send a name, the relevant department and the year(s) or a couple of the productions which took place during that tenure and any other supporting information you have. We'll then check the information and add it to the list. Email the details to:

All research for this section of the website is by Simon Murgatroyd. Please do not reproduce without crediting Simon Murgatroyd and the website.